Hole & Corner # 04

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Hole & Corner # 04

The Collections Issue
language: English country of origin: England pages: 146 magazine: Hole & Corner measures: L: 29cm W: 23cm
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From Penguin Classics to pottery, jazz albums to fossils, everyone collects something. But it’s the passion behind those collections that really interest us in Issue 4 of Hole & Corner.

Inside, you’ll find the usual mixture of the enviable and the invaluable, the eclectic and the eccentric, with unique contributions by everyone from Tracey Emin to Paul Smith.

Among the collectors we highlight are Dale Rogers, who travels the world acquiring fossilised crocodiles, dinosaur skeletons and petrified trees; David Herbert, whose home is a shrine to 20th-century ceramics; and Jules Burt, aka Instgram’s @penguinbookaday.

Elsewhere, we profile some of the best furniture designer makers in the world, including Wendell Castle, SCP founder Sheridan Coakley and Benchmark founder Sean Sutcliffe, and focus on the modern guardians of British manufacturing.

We also explore the roots of creativity via a unique handwritten project, featuring exclusive contributions from some of our favourite people, including furniture maker Sebastian Cox, knitwear artist Donna Wilson, musician Oliver Coates, leatherwear designer Bill Amberg and Tracey Emin – whose very handwriting is a vital part of her art.

Finally, Paul Smith allows us a little peek inside his shed, where the magic happens…

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