C-Heads # 33

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C-Heads # 33

Summer. Lovers and strangers
language: English country of origin: Austria pages: 152 magazine: C-Heads measures: L: 27.6cm W: 21.7cm
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Since 2006 C-HEADS Magazine shows a snapshot of youth culture, bringing together the most talented people.
In print and online the Vienna / Berlin based magazine founded by the two sisters Christine and Sigrun shows the full creative range out of photography, fashion, music, travel, sex, art and culture. Made by women.

Explore exclusive editorials and the best of designers, stylists, musicians and writers from different parts of the world, who merge to feed our 200,000 readers with amazing talent, latest trends and inspiration.

The reader of C-HEADS Magazine is a savourer. And loves beautiful pictures and emotions. Therefore the international C-HEADS team puts great value on high aesthetic standards. And naturality. The focus is on very raw, natural work with characteristic models, artistic fashion, powerful music and a timeless and international shaped lifestyle. C-HEADS readers worldwide usually live in urban areas, are between 17 and 48 years old, are educated above-average, literate and have a strong interest in cultural movements of our time.

A talk with Richard Kern incl exclusive images / strangers, friends & summer stories / A journey through Brasil by Benjamin Askinas/ Words by Kirsten Judson / scarless/ A Film and Story by Lagoon Collective / A talk with Teresa Oman photographed by Fox Harvard / every summer has a story/ photography and words by Laura Kampman / my erotica/ A place for erotic literature and discourse by Kate Eringer/ photography by Rosaline Shahnavaz / A talk with Chloe Nørgaard photographed by Justin Polkey / smells like you and me/ photography by Caroline Mackintosh / A talk with Bradley Soileau photographed by Nicole Anne Robbins / If I know what Love is, It is Because of You/ Amina Blue photographed by Matt Adam / A talk with Marianna Rothen / Love or/ words by Kate Eringer – photography by Caroline Mackintosh / what does love sound like?/ photography by Marcus Solomon / The Process Of What You Go Through When You Talk To Someone You Like/ A Story by Inny Taylor/ photography by Carla Tramullas / we all start as strangers/ photography by Palma Wright / Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic./ photographed by Sophie Mayanne / A talk with Ainsley and Sebastien of Sticks and Stones Agency/ photographed by Janneke Storm / Cacia Zoo/ photography by Sticks and Stones Agency / soul mates/ photography by Felipe Cuartas”

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