The Opéra # 04

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The Opéra # 04

Vol. IV 2015
language: English publishing frequency: 1 issue per year country of origin: Germany pages: 198 magazine: Opéra, The measures: L: 31cm W: 24cm H: 1.5cm
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Every body tells a story. Nude photography –one of the most immediate and intimate means of portraying human bodies and emotions – makes these stories visible. The Opéra is committed to collecting and passing on these stories by referring to a selection of contemporary and traditional exponents of nude photography.
In this fourth volume in the series, editor Matthias Straub and designer Romano Dudas once again provide an overview of current trends, unusual approaches and new perspectives in this art form.

Artists (among others):
Jennette Williams, Mona Kuhn, Shae DeTar, Thomas Rusch, Amanda Charchian, Bastiaan Woudt, Michael Magin, Daniel Gonzalez, Sam Cox, Marc van Dalen, Justin Bartels, Elena Helfrecht, Davide Padovan, George Krause, Jaime Travezan, Akif Hakan, Gershon Kreimer, Maciek Jasik, Dimitris Yeros, Marlous van der Sloot, Noriko Yabu, Pola Esther, Robin de Puy, Alec Dawson, Evelyn Bencicova, G.W. Bénard, Sonia Sòsztak

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