032c # 23

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032c # 23

Winter 2012/2013
language: English publishing frequency: 2 issues per year country of origin: Germany pages: 256 magazine: 032c measures: L: 27cm W: 20cm H: 1.5cm
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REM KOOLHAAS finally turns his attention from the metropolis to the COUNTRYSIDE, “an arena for genetic experimentation, industrialized nostalgia, new patterns of seasonal migration, digital informers, flex farming, and species homogenization” in this issue’s COVER DOSSIER.

Elsewhere SEAN + SENG sub-sahara JOAN SMALLS; LACATON VASSAL ethicize building; HEDI SLIMANE photographs rags to riches sculptor THOMAS HOUSEAGO; octogenarian NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS publisher ROBERT SILVERS invigorates an industry while octogenarian INGE FELTRINELLI animates encounters with ERNEST HEMINGWAY, AXEL F. SPRINGER, and her leftist terrorist husband.
WOLFGANG TILLMANS hangs with PET SHOP BOYS’ Neil Tennant; ROE ETHRIDGE turns a rose-colored lens towards DE KOONING’s Long Island estate; LYDIA DAVIS tells us stories; LARA STONE gets BALMAIN’ed in leather; CORY ARCANGEL and PAUL CHAN explore new digital frontiers; TOPHEADZ glides over the surface of the Earth; ALASDAIR MCLELLAN does the VICTORIA & ALBERT;

032c’s latest SELECT presents the best of this season’s books, products, and ideas; we continue to tell readers WHAT WE BELIEVE, and so much more on 256 pages …

Contributors: Jodie Barnes, Julian Baumann, Kate Bellm, Beat Bolliger, Clang, Theo Cote, Lea Crespi, Frédéric Druot, Roe Ethridge, Peter Haffner, Tony Irvine, Rem Koolhaas / AMO (Janna Bystrykh, Stephan Petermann, James Westcott), Benjamin Lennox, Jonas Lindström, Joe McKenna, Alasdair McLellan, Sven Michaelsen, Michael Miller, Conroy Nachtigall, Mel Ottenberg, Max Pearmain, Ben Perdue, Cher Potter, Philippe Ruault, Karim Sadli, Sean and Seng, Emily Segal, Hedi Slimane, Juergen Teller, Cornelius Tittel

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