Hercules # 20

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Hercules # 20

Spring/Summer 2016
language: English publishing frequency: 2 issues per year country of origin: Spain pages: 400 magazine: Hercules measures: L: 28cm W: 21cm H: 2cm
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Ten years ago, we found ourselves contemplating a new magazine in a North London living room. It was a typically downcast day late in the English summer and we were browsing through the likes of Arena Homme Plus and The Face, brainstorming how we could do something different.
We came up with various names, ideas, layouts and looks that had a point of view we couldn’t find in other titles. Our main goal was to create a magazine that captured the relationship between men and fashion as experienced in continental Europe. We wanted to showcase what a Mediterranean approach to fashion entails.

Ten years on, Hercules has evolved to embrace new desires and ideals, ranging from travel and entertainment to design and interiors. Fashion, however, remains at Hercules – heart as it shares our values of constant evolution. In those early days, we could have never guessed how the digital sphere would influence everything we do. It’s the primary way in which we communicate and form relationships, shop and get our news. But we hope this magazine continues to provide a record of fashion beyond the screen.

What hasn’t changed between our first and this our twentieth issue, is our enthusiasm for showing only the best quality work. We hope we’ ve crafted something of lasting value in a world obsessed with the instant. We may be celebrating an anniversary, but we are by no means looking back nostalgically.
We asked Hercules contributors old and new to contribute to this special issue, including the iconic image-makers of our time. We have always looked to Bruce Weber as an ultimate reference for how to depict masculinity and style. His epic 40-plus-page portfolio is a celebratory reflection of the diverse men we feature in our pages. Weber shot ten individual men to represent each one of our constantly evolving years in print.

On another note but equally impactful is Nathaniel Goldberg’s travel reportage on India. We round it all off with men that have defined the last decade for us as we interview the likes of actor Zachary Quinto, our favorite architect Ricardo Bofill, and many more.

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