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Avant-Garde Fashion and Style
language: English release: 2016 binding: Hardcover pages: 304 publisher: Gestalten measures: L: 33cm W: 25cm H: 3cm
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Other rules apply to the fashion of the future. New technologies and materials make things possible today that couldn’t have even been imagined in the past. High-tech fabrics and melting forms are no longer science fiction but reality. Inspired by the odd, mutant, and deformed, many designers and stylists are now redefining clothing to expand the body and speculate on the evolution of identity—from wearables to the utter transfiguration of the human silhouette.

Otherworldly showcases a fashion avant-garde between futurism and fetish. Featuring work by emerging talents and established designers such as Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela, Lucy McRae, Peter Popps, Iris van Herpen, and others, it not only explores groundbreaking developments but also their fruitful interplay with photography.

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