IdN. Volume 23 # 04

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IdN. Volume 23 # 04

Interactive Media and Installation
language: English publishing frequency: 2 issues per year country of origin: Hong Kong pages: 155 magazine: IdN measures: L: 23cm W: 16cm H: 1cm
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Interactive design lives and breathes by its viewers’ responses, be they emotional or physical. From its introduction in the mid-1980s as “interaction design”, which was largely confined to the industrial world, to its proliferation today using the short-hand terms UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), it has come to dominate the contemporary design scene — in the shape of everything from architecture and products to websites, video games, veejaying… and the crock of gold at the end of the design rainbow that is an application, or “app”.

In the following pages, no fewer than 54 cutting-edge interactive designers, apart from presenting their work, were asked to expand on what they consider to have been their most successful efforts so far. And in doing so, they reveal their thinking on the complex issue of how eternal design attributes — the deployment of typography and graphics to the best advantage — chime with the demands of usability.

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