MacGuffin # 02

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MacGuffin # 02

The Window
language: English country of origin: Netherlands pages: 222 magazine: MacGuffin measures: L: 28cm W: 21cm
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MacGuffin is a new and unusual design & crafts magazine. It features fabulous stories about the life of ordinary, often anonymously designed things. Each biannual edition takes an object and explores the manifold stories it generates. Like the MacGuffins in Hitchcock films, these things are not the main characters, but the plot devices that set the story in motion.

This winter MacGuffin opens your window and lets in some fresh air. Issue No 2 takes the window as the starting point for a compendium of absorbing stories on panoramas, panopticons, plastic frames, plant-stacked windowsills, and sumptuous draperies by Maison Jansen. Windowphobia, defenestration and the window cleaners of the V&A Museum are among the subjects examined by an array of luminaries that include writer Douglas Coupland, design critic Alice Rawsthorn, curator Corinna Gardner and designers Chris Kabel and Rudy Guedj.

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