Nordic Style

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Nordic Style

Warm & Welcoming Scandinavian Interiors
language: English release: 2019 binding: Hardcover pages: 192 measures: L: 32cm W: 24.7cm H: 2cm
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In almost no other European region the connection between nature and design is as pronounced and at the same time as varied as in the Scandinavian countries. The rugged wilderness and dark days require comfortable interiors with warm colors; while lovely landscape scenarios and long mid-summer nights are juxtaposed to functional-minimalist and timeless design.

This title presents the impressive wealth of Scandinavian interiors, locally inspired and internationally successful. It shows for example how designers rely on the tradition of using local materials and natural shapes which they apply in a successful mix, often with current building technologies, to develop design concepts that make the Nordic style so popular and unique. 

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