RUM International # 11

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RUM International # 11

Copenhagen Creatives
language: English publishing frequency: 2 issues per year country of origin: Denmark pages: 202 magazine: RUM measures: L: 29.5cm W: 22.5cm H: 1.1cm
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This issue of RUM celebrates colours. Colours in interiors are what umami is to food. That savoury, fifth element, which makes all of the other ingredients come together, this according to one of eight creatives we visited in this issue to find out how they employ colour as a primary driving force in their work.

The cover of this issue is, of course, a case in point, graced by founder of File Under Pop, Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, who has always worked with colours in a bold and inspiring way. RUM takes a look inside her beautiful new showroom.

As always you are invited inside truly amazing homes and nowhere is the magic of colours more evident than in a private 400 square metre family residence from 1912 in the Carlsberg area in Copenhagen, where interior architect Nadia Olive Schnack has helped the owners return their new home to its former glory.  

RUM also talks to designer Margrethe Odgaard, who has dedicated her life to capturing the language of colours as well as the impact they have on us – a journey that began some twenty years ago. “We need to understand the nature of colours before we start using them. Colour is the emotional part of a structure,” she notes.

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