Fantastic Man # 30

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Fantastic Man # 30

Autumn/Winter 2019/20
language: English publishing frequency: 2 issues per year country of origin: England / Netherlands pages: 276 magazine: Fantastic Man measures: L: 29cm W: 29cm H: 1.5cm
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The 30th issue of Fantastic Man arrives with a brand-new everything. It is square, the paper is glossy, the logo, the font, the stories are all new and different. It is a very Greek issue, pointing an open-eyed gaze at a country that’s the nucleus of so much recent drama and excitement. This is a physical manifestation of an obsession with an inspiring and idiosyncratic nation that is forever at the eye of global socio-political storms. Some of the men appearing inside include the world-building artist and architect ANDREAS ANGELIDAKIS, infinitely busy economist YANIS VAROUFAKIS, enigmatic stylist PANOS YIAPANIS, the most valuable man in basketball GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO, dedicated fashion-flipper MICHAEL KARDAMAKIS and handsome actor turned handsome Eurocrat ALEXIS GEORGOULIS. Also to be found are investigations into anarchy, Athenians, a mountain full of monks and a team of crime-fighting architects, alongside excellent fashions.

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