Saturdays Magazine # 04

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Saturdays Magazine # 04

Spring 2015
language: English country of origin: USA pages: 313 magazine: Saturdays measures: L: 30cm W: 23cm
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5 Q&A’s with notable influencers:
Including Duane Michals, Jonny Johansson, Francis Ford Coppola, JJJound,
Eastern Surf Magazine, Olaf Bruening, Hitoshi Tsujimoto, Frank Prisinzano,
Lucy Walker, Balaram Stack, Chas Smith, Truck Furniture,
Salaman Agah, Made Kasim & Damon Way

8 image portfolios by visionaries such as Jeff Johnson,
Adrian Gaut, Rin Tanaka, Daniel Arnold, Pieces of The City,
Grant Ellis, Lucien Smith, Joan Gannij

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