Acid # 04

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Acid # 04

language: English country of origin: France pages: 144 magazine: Acid measures: L: 23cm W: 17.5cm H: 1cm
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Acid is a publishing project looking at surfing through the prisms of exploration and everyday life. Shortly after surfing had become important for us, we felt the need to portray surfing in a broad context and explore its fringes with art, science, philosophy and poetry. So we’ll do just that, trying hard not to sound too serious.

Since it’s been made during holiday season, we stuffed Acid: there’s a typology of underwater camera cases, a hunt for an Amazonian tidal bore, an essay about how the ever-shrinking bikini, Captain Cook and Boticelli actually have a lot in common, photography that almost feels like surfing, an investigation to figure if dolphins play with waves, a survival guide to crossing the atlantic unsupported and a lot more to enjoy—or trip on.

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