Frankie # 73

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Frankie # 73

language: English publishing frequency: 6 issues per year country of origin: Australia pages: 152 magazine: Frankie measures: L: 27cm W: 21cm H: 1cm
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Time sure does fly. It seems like only yesterday we were perched around the office dreaming up ideas for issue 73, and now it’s all grown up and ready to toddle out into the world. Boy, are we proud! Inside its pages you’ll find a bunch of local movers and shakers telling us why they choose to dance, some networking tips for introverted types, and a chat with Babes In Toyland founding member Michelle Leon. We also paid a visit to some Aussie-sounding cities abroad, learnt how to be a good house guest (don’t do the deed on your host’s lounge room floor) and shared some long-overdue apologies.

What’s that you say? Kooky ceramic creations, a sweet kite DIY, a definitive ranking of cinema snacks and a loving ode to norks? Yep, we’ve got them, too. Plus a first-hand glimpse inside two local detention centres, a brief look at the life of a feisty Tudor queen and the craftiest fashion shoot you ever did see. Of course, there’s also the usual shedload of music, design, photography, real-life reads and giggle-inducing rants to keep the pages turning while you wait for your honey-soaked cake to bake. (You’ll find the recipe on page 51.) Enjoy!

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