Little White Lies # 73

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Little White Lies # 73

Truth & Movies
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Sometimes, being polite just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a brilliant new film from British writer/director Martin McDonagh which tests this thesis from all angles, showcasing the actions of a bitter local resident and the challenge she throws down to the local police constabulary.

Frances McDormand stars as lone female avenger Mildred, who buys up the space on three musty old billboards to ask why the local sheriff has failed to make inroads into the case of her dead daughter who was raped and murdered one year back.

In this expletive-ridden issue, we explore what it means to abide by the law, and what it means to crave justice. We spoke to the talented people behind the film and discovered the clues to bringing an intricate script to life – and the intricacies of playing a police officer on screen.

In this issue…

The Monster Squad
A conversation with master fabulist Guillermo del Toro. He talks The Shape of Water, Classic Hollywood and his offers his definition of what a monster is.

Little Voice
Sally Hawkins has quietly become one of Britain’s greatest screen actors. We trace her path from Brit scene-stealing to hushed stardom.

Female Beasts (And Where Not to Find Them)
The iconic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast has assumed many guises over the last century. But why is the brute always a man?

The Outsiders
A five-essay dossier exploring the concept of existing outside the pack in cinema. Including work by James Luxford, Thomas Hobbs, Manuela Lazic, Beth Web and Elena Lazic.

Mime Over Matter
A conversation with chameleonic actor Doug Jones about life caked under make-up. Illustrated with Guillermo del Toro’s original designs.

Threads #5
Christina Newland’s regular column on the intersections between clothing and film tackles the allure of red shoes.

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