Hole & Corner # 13

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Hole & Corner # 13

Performance Issue
language: English publishing frequency: 2 issues per year country of origin: England pages: 146 magazine: Hole & Corner measures: L: 29cm W: 23cm H: 1cm
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Reflections The Art of Noise unveil their 13-point rules of performance in pop

Goods Add a bit of theatre to your home with the best in homeware design for the new season

Notes Andrew Male learns to love an infamous act of rock’n’roll robbery
– Barn the Spoon on ‘selling humility from a Hackney shop window’ – Kevin Braddock on the restorative power of firegazing – Richard Benson puts on a performance in Hi-Vis workwear – Ben Saunders on why testing himself to the limits in Antarctica helped him to discover a few home truths – Shaun Leane, long-time collaborator with Alexander McQueen, explains how the late designer inspired him to think on a larger scale – Sheryl Garratt on pop’s enduring power to effect change

Stories of Dedication Set designer and visual artist Tony Hornecker - Performance, tradition and craftsmanship at Saut Hermès - Michael Howells specialises in bringing artistic dreams into 3D life - In praise of Indian cinema – Ballet dancer turned ceramicist Stephanie Buttle - composer Hannah Kendall – Glyndebourne costume makers – choreographer Ryan Heffington – Window displays – Luke Sital-Singh.

My hole-and-corner Alexis Taylor from the band Hot Chip on the importance of escaping the nightlife and decongesting efficiently.

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