Nomadic Furniture 3.0

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Nomadic Furniture 3.0

New Liberated Living?
language: German/English release: 2016 binding: Hardcover pages: 272 measures:
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-design history engages with everyday culture
-development of the Do-It-Yourself-Idea in the field of furniture construction
-fusion of production and consumption
-carefully tested classic and new concepts

Do-it-Yourself and prosumer culture promise liberation from the traditional norms of culture and individual tastes – particularly in the digital era, where a wealth of new technologies, production methods and marketing strategies are being increasingly used. This volume shows the development of self-made furniture since the beginning of the DIY era and also offers numerous historical and current building instructions that are linked to a broader context of design and cultural history.
In this book design history engages with everyday culture – the title is a reference to the legendary handbooks Nomadic Furniture and Nomadic Furniture 2 from the 1970s. Where did the DIY movement originate? Who are the protagonists? Where and how do they exchange ideas and knowledge? How important are freedom, creativity, sensuality and perfection for DIY? And is there really a market for it? Nomadic Furniture 3.0 offers a range of instructions for building both DIY classics and new concepts, which were carefully tested within the framework of the research and exhibition project Nomadic Furniture 3.0 at the MAK.

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