Naked But Safe # 08

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Naked But Safe # 08

language: english binding: Softcover publishing frequency: biannual country of origin: England magazine: Naked But Safe measures: L: 30cm W: 23cm H: 2cm
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Nakedbutsafe is a print only biannual review of art, fashion, culture and ideas, and this season marks our 3d year as a successful presence in the best of international newsstands. Nakedbutsafe has earned its right to exist based solely on its readership – until today, the magazine has been almost entirely free of advertising, strictly 100% editorial.

What is Nakedbutsafe like?
Exposed, yet strong. Elitist, yet egalitarian. Empowered, yet gentle. Very visual yet also very eloquent. Nakedbutsafe is a thinking person’s fashion and lifestyle magazine. It’s an exotic mix, equal parts academic and party animal. Thus, Nakedbutsafe is proudly a magazine about contemporary contradictions. It’s a magazine about a civilization in search of alibis, because Nakedbutsafe magazine believes that beauty and culture cannot exist without a conscience. Nakedbutsafe believes that intelligence is the new sexy and responsible ethics are the new social imperatives. Nakedbutsafe is about questioning, searching, doubt and discovery.

Who is Nakedbutsafe?
Nakedbutsafe is made with love by an international cast of collaborators, who contribute from every corner of the globe so that each issue is a fascinating snapshot with divergent points of view. The core team consists of Creative Director Stratis Kas, Fashion Director Manos Samartzis and Editorial Director Panagiotis Chatzistefanou.

What is the Nakedbutsafe reading experience like?
TThe editorial structure of Nakedbutsafe magazine is simple yet effective. The first section of the magazine, edited by internationally acclaimed writer and artist Panagiotis Chatzistefanou, features only in-depth interviews with luminaries from various fields of creativity, from art to science to nightclubbing with music historians. There are no articles, no opinion pieces, no small-talk – only meetings with genius. The interviewees are chosen with a transdisciplinary approach, paying particular attention to their engagement with contemporary reality and issues that concern the enlightened citizen of our globalized times. Major personalities from the worlds of art and letters – Jakob Tigges, Tim Shaw, Gengoroh Tagame, Bill Kouligas, Bruce La Bruce to name but a few – share space with upcoming stars on an equal basis: the plateau of creativity, imagination, innovation. If the front end of Nakedbutsafe magazine is an invitation to a most interesting intellectual salon, then the second section summons the reader for a wild night of dancing with “the beautiful people”. Fashion Director Manos Samartzis, who is already a renowned figure amongst style cognoscenti, approaches the subject of contemporary fashion with a most avant-garde and daring attitude, along with his international team of collaborators. Bright, bold and decisively directional, the Nakedbutsafe fashion editorials are shot starring only the best models, and feature a carefully curated selection of impressive pieces from the most important fashion houses. Again, the scope is adventurous and inclusive: such established names as Valentino or Christian Dior are featured next to the work of brand new designers who create on the edge of radical creativity.

How does Nakedbutsafe differ from other fashion and art magazines?
Nakedbutsafe introduces the concept of high-brow intellectual rigor to the charming world of ephemeral aesthetics. It’s a magazine that firmly believes beauty is a form of genius – and vice-versa. Nakedbutsafe does not see the reason why sensual seduction should be a tautology of intellectual superficiality – and introduces a new perspective, where Balenciaga can be the subject of a Sorbonne dissertation about aeronautic design.

How is Nakedbutsafe a responsible magazine?
Except from taking care our content adheres to the strictest humanitarian ideological criteria, and not tolerating any form of discriminatory or otherwise insensitive content, Nakedbutsafe is printed on 100% sustainable paper of the highest quality, and it’s printed by a 100% Co2 emission free process. For this reason, Nakedbutsafe magazine has received a high recommendation at the 2011 Essential Print Awards.

Where can one find Nakedbutsafe?
Nakedbutsafe is distributed internationally at the best bookstores and magazine stands. One can find it displayed prominently at prestige locations such as The Tate Modern, Palais de Tokyo, Museum of Modern Art New York, 10 Corso Como, K Presse and many others. We’re very proud to say that every issue has been sold out.

What is Nakedbutsafe seeking?
Nakedbutsafe is looking for people who would be interested in helping the magazine grow, both as an ideal and a business, both as a dream and a publication. Nakedbutsafe is looking for people who understand, feel, and would like to participate and support such a noble dream as a fashion magazine with a brain and a heart to match its aesthetic ambitions. Nakedbutsafe is looking to expand, evolve, and continue to amaze.

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