Little White Lies # 74

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Little White Lies # 74

Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 6 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: England Seiten: 98 >> Magazin: Little White Lies Maße: L: 24.5cm B: 20cm H: 7cm

The Isle of Dogs Issue: an exciting look inside Wes Anderson’s stop-motion opus.

Wes’s Moving Castle
Wes Anderson tells the story of how his staggering stop-motion opus, came to life. With assists from Jason Schwartzman, Roman Coppola, Erica Dorn and Andy Gent.

A Short But Vital History of Movie Dogs
Your indispendible visual primer to cinema’s most magnificent mutts.

 Dog Gone
A special report from one of Europe’s oldest dog cemeteries.

Welcome to Dogville
A small suite of classic-era comedies featured dogs in all the lead roles. We tell the strange story of the Dogville shorts.

The Age of Miracles
Michael Leader looks at the current state of feature animation and asks 10 panelists for their predictions regarding its future.

Threads #6
Christina Newland’s regular column considers the dog collar and its place in celluloid history.

In the back section…
Sophie Monks Kaufman talks to Claire Denis about romantic gamesmanship ahead of her wonderful Let the Sunshine In. Star-in-the-making Jessie Buckley chats to Hannah Woodhead about her breakthrough role in Beast. Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke tell David Jenkins about the process of playing nasty for the fantastic Thoroughbreds. Moroccan- born French director Robin Campillo discusses 120 Beats Per Minute with Manuela Lazic. And Valeska Grisebach sits down with David Jenkins to dissect her sensual, rustic drama Western.

Plus… reviews of all the latest releases coming your way in March/April, and Nick Pinkerton remembers Japan’s first ever animated feature, the simply magical Momatoro’s Divine Sea Warriors.

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