The Outpost # 07

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The Outpost # 07

The Possibility of Finding Home
Sprache: Englisch Ursprungsland: Libanon Seiten: 88 + 2 Beilagen >> Magazin: Outpost, The Maße: L: 26cm B: 20cm H: 0.7cm

The Outpost is a magazine of possibilities in the Arab world. It works towards catalyzing a socio- cultural transformation in the Arab region by exploring and tapping into possibilities of positive change.Launched in September 2012, the magazine is an attempt to capture the energies of a changing region and lay down possible futures. It is ambitious, multidisciplinary and forward-looking. It aims to shift perspectives and inspire action.

The magazine is published from Beirut, Lebanon, and distributed worldwide.

For this issue, The Outpost collaborated with more than 200 writers, artists, creators, and thinkers from the Arab region and beyond. This is an issue about home at a time when many young Arabs are looking for one.

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